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Iron Reaver Finger Claw

iron reaver
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Iron Reaver Claw! Convert any index finger into a deadly claw with metal joints for flexible bending. This claw is constructed from solid, high polished, cast metal with very intricate details and designed to fit on virtually any size finger. The outstretched blade is stainless steel with an anodized finish and extends upward in a poised, ready to strike position. The hinged armor moves with your finger creating a fearsome sight to behold.

A great gift for any collector of body or defense armor. Also a great piece for your gothic lifestyle.

Will fit all but the biggest (or smallest) of fingers

  • Will fit most index, middle or ring fingers (You can have one on each finger)
  • Made of steel, the iron reaver features three "joints" which move smoothly with your finger
  • Needle like finger tips
  • 5.5 inches overall

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